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The chilled water change of industrial refrigeration system
The chilled water change of industrial refrigeration system

Production enterprises often need chilled water for cooling in the production process. Due to the influence of production process and market output and other factors, the demand for chilled water is generally very large. In this case, it is very important to design a set of targeted chilled water circulation system.

The conventional refrigerated water circulation system is sent to the production water point after being refrigerated by the chiller, and then returned to the chiller to complete the system closed cycle. However, when the water consumption of the system changes greatly, this system will cause the chiller to fail to operate normally. With years of experience in industrial project services, we have designed a solution to address the changing demand for chilled water

In the double circulation system, a water storage refrigerated water tank is configured. The water tank is divided into high and low temperature zone, and the system is divided into outer circulation system and inner circulation system.

The external circulation system mainly consists of water point, process chilled water delivery pump and freezing water tank. The process delivery pump pumps water from the low temperature zone of the freezing water tank to the water point, and then returns to the high temperature zone of the water tank after cooling. The process transfer pump adopts constant pressure frequency conversion control, automatically adjust the frequency conversion, the operation is more safe and energy saving. The internal circulation system mainly includes a freezing water tank, a freezing pump and a water chiller. The water pumped by the freezing pump from the high temperature zone of the water tank is cooled by the chiller and then returned to the low temperature zone of the water storage tank.

With this set of chiller, the water flow into the chiller is not greatly affected by the change of chilled water volume in production, and the water tank has a certain cold storage function, which effectively solves the problem of frequent start up of the chiller and abnormal operation of the chiller. System not only can run safe, reliable, and energy saving effect is very good also, circulating pump from the tank high pumping water to the water chiller refrigeration, after the completion of the transfer to the water storage tank low temperature zone, so the chiller efficiency increase 15%, pump adopts frequency conversion control technology, to better meet the production water consumption change, but also more efficient water pump power consumption.