About us

We are dedicated to delivering the best service for our customers, anywhere, anytime. We are giving unrivaled customer service and support system.

About Aicool


We are specializing as manufacturing
company of the refrigeration equipment.

We are very committed in delivering the latest and the best refrigeration technology in prompt and good after sales service.

Through our strong network, our local presence ensures an instant cooling and refrigerating supports through our specialists achieve higher flexibility and always be next to our regional customer spectrum. To keep our products being competitive at international level, we joint cooperating with world famous companies and adapting latest technologies. We are building standard unit and special applications, tested under one roof production concept. We continuously develop broader, higher value solution for comprehensive cooling, refrigeration equipment.


I n 1969 – Our Founder – set up a refrigeration spare parts shop in Surabaya. His continuous commitment, success and experience were the base into the next step of manufacturing and development of AICOOL products.

The AICOOL business line is reflecting in Air conditioning, Chiller, and Ventilation. From the fist of few projects, AICOOL today has been growing into to be one of the leading Air conditioning, Chiller,and Ventilation manufacturer in region and strongly commit to customer’s satisfactions. In 1998 the manufacturing plant in Surabaya was established. Today we manufacture standard and custom tailored refrigeration units there.

Since 2002 Bekasi’s manufacturing plant produces standard series of Fan Coil Units, Ducted Splits, AHUS’s, Air Coolers, Air Cooled Condensers, Chillers to fulfil customer nees. Furthermore units for special applications are designed, built and tested here. Under One Roof Production Concept, AICOOL can maintain the quality, delivery, and competitiveness of its products.


Being a global company of refrigeration to support the provision program of unit
machine for cold chain.

  • Produce the condenser, evaporator and condensing unit with the best quality to meet the customer needs.
  • Provide the fast service, practical and proactive for customer needs.
  • Active in repairing and improvement quality management system.
  • Always put forward on improving the quality of product and after sales service
  • Increases the human resources competence for always adapt with demands and market needs
  • Keep internal improvement oriented through the quality management system implementation and actively to applying continous improvement efforts
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